Web Marketing Trainer

Marty's web marketing training workshops are typically 3 hours in duration. This is the perfect length of time for a hands-on workshop that allows for deep-dives into specific topics without audiences getting overwhelmed. Here, Marty is shown guiding students through an interactive group exercise during his Sales Copywriting for the Web workshop. 

Marty Dickinson teaching sales copywriting for the web

3 Hour Workshops by Marty Dickinson Include:

Sell More...FASTER! [Most Popular]

Marty's Sell More...Faster! program covers the most important areas where business owners can improve their web marketing efforts. Marty begins by presenting trends and best practices in responsive website design and layout. He then teaches Google SEO basics, blogging, and sales and copywriting techniques anyone can use to boost their shopping cart transactions. If you're looking for a joint-venture opportunity to bring in your group and have Marty lead an educational program to benefit many, this is the workshop to request. He's performed Sell More...Faster! over the past 10 years for audiences provided by Constant Contact, National Speakers Association, AuthorU, Joe Sabah, and the DaVinci Group to name a few.

Getting Brutal with Google

If you think Google search is dead, just ask your audience when the last time was that they searched for something on Google. Marty always begins his SEO workshops with this question. Nearly every hand in the room goes up. Getting any (and every) page of your website on or near the top of Google's free (organic) search results is not only possible...It's essential! This is a hand-on course where every attendee must bring a laptop.

Website Wits

Website Wits is a new program designed to introduce people to Internet marketing for the first time. Marty covers the basics such as domain name choosing and registration, website hosting basics, and how to get started with basic traffic building. If you're a CEO or business owner that has decided to stop outsourcing and bring your work in-house, this is the course for you and your beginner level staff.

Next Step for Booking Marty Dickinson

Marty will supply written, verbal, and video content to assist you in the promotion of the event to help you fill the seats. Contact Marty through the contact form or by cell phone. Please send a text message to 303-913-4813 with your name and the word "Workshop." If Marty is available immediately, he will return your text message with a phone call or a text message to arrange for a scheduled call.