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If Your Audience is Getting Smarter, Shouldn't Your Web Marketing Speaker Be Smarter Too?

When your speaker delivers a web marketing presentation, three groups of attendees will be in the audience. They include:

  1. Starters - Usually around 25% of the audience considered to be just getting started online without experience of even registering a domain name.
  2. Lifers - 5-10% where a few audience members have been web marketers since before Justin Bieber was even an idea.
  3. Risers - The large group in the middle; those "rising" to the next level of proficiency in web marketing strategy and technique.

Marty knows your job as a meeting or event planner is to assure your speakers are chosen with variety and entertainment in mind. You also want someone capabile of providing immediately usable information of value to all audience attendees, regardless of their levels of experience.

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Watch what former, NSA Colorado President, Dick Bruso, has to say about Marty Dickinson:

Speaking with Focus

Rather than develop 10 speeches trying to portray himself as an expert in everything, like so many speakers do these days, Marty offers only two speech topics. Other than his extended training workshops, each presentation is available in 20-minute, 40-minute or 60-minute formats.

Topic #1: The A.C.T.I.O.N. Process: How to Sell More of Your Services and Products...FASTER!

With all the sexy new tools and tactics the web has to offer, the web marketing process hasn't changed at all. You just have to find where you are in that process, insert your business, and GO! Let Marty guide your audiences through today's best practices and realistic expectations for dominating your industry with web traffic, conversions to leads and sales, and new list building methods.

Topic #2: How to Produce Top Quality Non-Fiction Book Content in Less than a Week...Without Typing a Word!

Marty believes every business owner, speaker, consultant or coach should publish one, two or even five or ten books! With today's technology, and Marty's method proprietary D.O.N.E. method, the excuses are over and only opportunity remains. Within the first 60 seconds of this talk, Marty has everyone in the room choosing their topic for a first (or next book). Then, he unveils his secret process for creating all the content you need for your book within three to seven days! 

Next Step for Booking Marty Dickinson

High-res photos, one-sheets, and booking terms sheet are available upon request. Contact Marty through the contact form or by cell phone. Please send a text message to 303-913-4813 with your name and the word "Speak." If Marty is available immediatly, he will return your text message with a phone call or a text message to arrange for a scheduled call.