Quick-Start Guide for CloudNet360 Launches


My first of a series of Quick-Start guides for CloudNet360 is live and ready for purchase! I added a small portion of my Lions Always Win book too so that new users can start off with some quantifiable goals before they even start setting up the system. I've found very rarely that business owners can articulate a real goal they're trying to reach with their business. Setting up CloudNet360 without having such goals in place is a great way to discover later that you have to do a bunch of re-setup work.

The second part of the guide is a custom version of one of my long-standing documents called the Website Pre-Flight. The difference with this insert rather than my normal Website Pre-Flight doc is that it is intended to be used by those wanting to setup CloudNet360 by themselves instead of working through support or by hiring a 3rd party implementation company.

If you just signed-up for CloudNet360, you really should look into my Quick-Start guide. It will save you a few hours of trying to set things up on your own and will certainly reduce your frustration in that process.

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