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Marty Dickinson web marketing speaker and trainer

Marty Dickinson is the 2-time co-author of Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies (Wiley Publishing) and is a speaker, author, 20-year full-time web marketer and services business owner. Other than a bit of help from graphics designers and the occasional programmer, Marty performs ALL web marketing tasks himself where he manages nearly 50 of his own websites and a few client projects.

Marty's First Website

Marty's first website started as an off-line business that was brought online. Coming from corporate sales where he sold accounting software to non-profit organizations, Marty started his first business on-the-side in late 1995. In early 1996, the product was added to the Internet, which was a by-subscription membership site in the music industry long before the term "membership site" became a household name. Six months later, on the very day Marty was offered a hefty promotion at his job, he resigned to pursue the national expansion of his rapidly growing website.

Marty's First Paying Client

In September of 1996, one of Marty's membership subscribers asked him how much he would charge to help promote a guitar manufacturing website. He immediately recognized the opportunity for performing website services for others and started a services company while continuing to grow his members-only site.

How Marty's Company Name Originated

One day, a prospective client asked him, "We'd like to hire you to help with our website, but how do we know you'll be around in six months?" So, Marty came up with his web services company name, Here Next Year.

For the next 18 years, Here Next Year would provide a variety of website design, SEO, traffic building, WordPress, and custom programming services. At one point, Here Next Year had 14 helpers servicing more than 300 clients nationally. 

Here Next Year...Today

Marty is not personally taking on new web services clients at this time. Instead, he has partnered with a reputable web services company to refer people to so that he can focus on one-on-one marketing mentoring. Contact him through the form if you are in need of website redesign, SEO, WordPress transfer, hosting, or social media management.

Here Next Year serves as the core home base company website for business owners, professional speakers, consultants, and providers of multiple services. 

Here are just a few accomplishments Marty and his team produced for clients during his services provider years:

Brought 99 product pages to the top positions of Google search in 24 hours after new website launch and sold $5,000 worth of product in first four days, over $200,000 first eight months for solar parts supplies company.

Increased season ticket purchases for ski resort by 15% first year of offering online transactions.

Raised $110,000 in online donations for non-profit organization in four hours.

Implemented 120 custom websites over two-year period and trained users in use of WordPress, SEO, blogging, social media.

Managed all website and web marketing promotions for two national conferences.

Reduced cost-per-click by half and increased online sales from $10,000/mo to $40,000/mo in 3 months for medical chairs distributor.

Managed redesign and conversion of 800+ page website to WordPress for a $50MM international manufacturer of heavy equipment in six weeks.

Presented at National Speakers Association National Convention 2012 how to use the Internet to get more speaking engagements.

Taught 16 paid web marketing workshops over one year period and contracted with Constant Contact to lead information seminars.

Brought 160 club listings to top of Google search for District 26 Toastmasters in 30 days.

Command more than 7,000 keyword phrases in the top 1-3 position on Google search for one website.

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