Hire Web Leads Speaker and Author Marty Dickinson for Your Next Speaking Event


Marty is not a designer. He is not a programmer. Hey, nobody’s perfect. Yes, even with his technical deficiencies, Marty is able to use the Internet to its fullest potential for his businesses. How? By using his self-created lead generation process he refers to as “Casting a Wider Net” over and over again.


Marty’s Lead Generation Process Works for Anyone!


He explains: “You don’t need to go to design school or attend a few years of programming classes to be successful on-line. And, you won’t learn the secrets by sitting through hours and hours of “sell-i-nars,” sitting through “set-up” workshops where you’re taught how to add a new page in facebook, get your Linkedin profile going or spending your mornings getting in those 20 Tweets a day! What you really need is to understand the lead generation process. And, somehow, this important step is being overlooked,” Marty says.